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                                                                 Serving Up Service: How Michael Lynne’s Tennis Shop Began

Michael and Mimzy Lynne stepped out of retirement to fuel their passion for tennis and customer service

Michael and Mimzy Lynne moved to Arizona in 1985 expecting a relaxing retirement.

But before settling in, their hearts were already back in Minnesota and ready to fuel a passion: tennis. 

In 1990, they opened Michael Lynne’s Tennis Shop — now the largest independent tennis shop in the upper Midwest, which has also become a go-to stop for pickleball enthusiasts. 

“We got bored with retirement really fast,” Michael said. “I’ve enjoyed tennis all my life, and we decided this was something we really wanted to pursue.”

What started as a small store in St. Louis Park has expanded into a 5,500-square-foot space in the same location, with an expansive collection of rackets, paddles, shoes, bags, accessories, and more. 

While customers appreciate the selection of products, it’s the customer service at Michael Lynne’s Tennis Shop that keeps them coming back time and time again. The store has longtime customers from all over the country that recognize the value in what they’re receiving. 

“They really appreciate the service and advice we can offer,” Michael said. “Our employees play the sport and can guide our customers toward the right products. We're also very competitive with the big box stores, and, in a lot of cases, less money.”

                                                                                   Expanding to pickleball

A handful of years ago, Michael and Mimzy decided to add pickleball products to their store.

Before they knew it, more and more customers became interested in the sport.

“All of a sudden, it was a success,” Michael said. “I think pickleball is a new sport for a lot of people because it’s easy to play and more and more public courts are being built. We’re seeing so many people try it out and love it — for both the socialization and the competition.”

Today, Michael Lynne’s Tennis Shop has one of the longest pickleball walls in the country. It’s 42 feet long and features a wide selection of paddles. Other fixtures within the store include footwear, balls, accessories, and more.

“We also have demos on our rackets and paddles, so people can try them before they buy them,” Michael says. “That way, they know it feels right.”

                                                                                          Giving back

When they’re not at the store, Michael and Mimzy stay busy in the community. 

“We try to support the local communities as much as we can,” Michael said. “I think it’s really important to stay involved and give back.”

From supporting local youth programs to co-sponsoring several tournaments, their commitment to serving others is a reminder of why they started all this in the first place. 

“We love what we do,” Michael said. “Our customers truly matter to us, and our service and our selection really set our business apart. As long as we enjoy it, we’ll keep doing it.”


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